Before Tiger Woods became known in the golf world, there wasn’t much emphasis placed on fitness for golfers. But along comes Tiger, a golfer with long, lean muscles, core strength, incredible flexibility and balance for golfers to start taking notice. Tiger is religious about fitness and incorporates Pilates into his exercise regime. Now Pilates has become recognized in golf as a must to improve your game and prolong your career. The acceptance has been such that the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens recently opened PGA Pilates studio.

Rocco Mediate, another professional golfer has had much to say about Pilates after having major back surgery. Mediate just wasn’t the same. He couldn’t bend over for long periods of time to practice his putting, and his back always went out after lengthy plane trips. Mediate gives Pilates credit for major improvements in his game.

Mediate has since got rid of his weights and has completely outfitted his workout room with Pilates equipment. “Pilates never compromises your back,” he says. “I’ve got more motion in my shoulders, midsection and legs. I can repeat my basic swing more often. Pilates is going to add five, six, seven … years to my career.”

It is said that the golf swing is a little one-sided, which can create imbalance in the body. Pilates helps to balance out the body against the forces of the swing. It helps to create less torque in the spine because you learn to swing from your center and not from your limbs.