Rehab Pilates


The medical community, specifically orthopedic, chiropractic, and physical therapy practitioners recognize the Pilates method. . It should come as no surprise that the origins of Pilates were founded upon rehabilitation. With the aging of our population and the increasing trend toward mindful, moderate health practices, the assortment of training we deliver at Pilates Studio, are one of or THE best forms of exercise for post-rehabilitation treatment and the prevention of injuries.  Over 50% of our clientele came to our studio because it was “recommended by their doctor.”  After working with us, rates of recovery are increased and pain is decreased if your doctor told you to do Pilates, we are the place to be.


The Pilates principles of core stabilization address posture, breathing, muscle performance and motor control – the same concepts that form the basis of most orthopedic rehabilitation and therapy. Rehab Pilates breaks down faulty movement patterns, facilitates movement through appropriate cues and assistance, and enables the practitioner to work on new movement strategies. The benefits of rehab programs that incorporate not only strength and flexibility training, but also balance, kinesthetic awareness, and efficient movement patterns.

By successfully evaluating the clients needs, and accessing their movement outcome, the instructors can design task-specific exercises that are adapted to unload the limbs or spine appropriately as healing occurs, while still allowing muscle re-education to take place.


  • Chronic Back/Neck pain and disc disease/herniations
  • Leg Injuries (knee, ankle, foot)
  • Hip Replacement, Hip alignment problems, Sciatica
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Shoulder Issues (rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, instability/impingement)
  • Scoliosis