Group Classes

Group Reformer + Props

Group Reformer + Props This reformer class takes your workout to a whole new level.  Our method allows for more exercise options and quicker transitions, ensuring you will make the absolute most of every minute. Expect an intense fast-paced total body workout that will not only sculpt & tone long lean muscles, but will improve endurance, stamina, balance, alignment and of course core strength.  With a strong emphasis on form and always led by certified & experienced instructors, Khore Pilates is a workout for both your body and your mind. We believe that a strong mind/body connection leads not only to faster and far superior results, but overall muscular balance, health and an improved quality of life.

SMALL GROUP REFORMER + PROPS (up to 6 participants)

Single class $50.

10 class package $395. (savings 100.)

Pilates Circuit

Pilates Circuit class is our most advanced class for experienced students looking to take their workout to the extreme.  Expect your strength, balance and endurance to be put to the test with advanced sequencing, higher resistance, and balance challenges all leading to the ultimate muscle quivering total body workout.  This class is for clients who have a strong grasp of the Pilates Equipment and that are committed to a standing set class and time each week, for 1o weeks.


1 class per week for 10 week sessions $450.

2 classes per week for 10 consecutive weeks $895. (savings $100.)

3 classes per week for 10 consecutive weeks $1195.  ( savings $200.)

Commitment = Success

Benefits from Pilates include:

• Builds longer leaner muscles, bodies become slender, backs become stronger
• Noticeably toned abs, thighs, arms and back, lifted seat
• Encourages proper body alignment and posture
• Increased flexibly and range of motion
• Minimizes stress and strain on joints
• Restores core muscle function
• Increased metabolic rate and burns fat
• RENEWED ENERGY and vitality

Most Pilates enthusiasts rave about the physical benefits of the workout. With consistency, participants find that their bodies become slimmer and more “chiseled.” Others simply get addicted to the dynamic and never boring workouts!