The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit. – Joseph Pilates

Khore Method Pilates Studio is an intimate, yet energizing, full service studio dedicated to Classic Pilates Instruction. The Pilates Studio is able to accommodate all fitness levels, from Pilates for beginners, to intermediate and advanced, using specialized Balance Body Pilates Equipment, including Reformers, Towers, Chairs, Barrel, Cadillac and jump boards. This multi-functional equipment provides finely tuned resistance to accommodate each individual client’s abilities and limitations.

So whether you’re looking to drop inches, lose weight, rehab an injury, get toned, build strength or simply have fun, Khore Method Pilates is the perfect stress-free environment to help you achieve your goals.


  • Strengthens the abdominals “the power house”
    of the body which supports the back.
  • Lengthens muscles without building bulk.
  • Tones and sculpts, arms, hips, seat, thighs, back
  • Increases flexibility while building strength.
  • Teaches balance and muscle control, improving posture.
  • Improves breathing capacity, and circulation.
  • Builds muscular endurance lowering risk of injury.
  • Increases flexibility of the spine and shoulders.

Our certified instructors will inspire you to transform your body and feel your best.